In July a small team of Student Life staff and students headed out to AUT South (Manukau) Campus for a week of outreach. When the team arrived on AUT South on the first day of outreach they spread out around the campus in search of two unique kinds of student: The first, was someone who didn’t know God personally but wanted to know more about Jesus. The second, someone who was already following Jesus, and wanted to help other people on this campus know God too.

The team strategy for finding these specific types of people was simple: ask every student they came across if they were either of these unique kinds of student.

The outreach leader shared, “As I looked around the campus lawn, I could see pairs huddled together in conversation dotted around the yard. Some were sharing the gospel, some were challenging Christian students to reach their campus and others were praying for the students they met.The team prayer was that God would go ahead of us and prepare people’s hearts before we talked to them, and He certainly did that!” 

Here are two sub-60 second videos from Josh and Molly about what they saw God do….

At the end of the week three students had committed to becoming Key Volunteers, just what the team had asked God for! These key volunteers are students that they can continue to coach in evangelism skills and train to build a movement of students who will reach out to their own campus with the Good News.

On Friday, in the very last hour the team had on campus Alana went out to meet some new people, and this is what happened..

Over this week of outreach the team:

  • Talked to (approx.) 523 people.
  • Shared the gospel with 28 people.
  • Challenged 20 christians with the Key Volunteer challenge.
  • Seven people prayed to receive Christ.
  • Three students committed to be Key Volunteers.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for us and this outreach! It was so exciting to see God at work so clearly.

Is there anyone you know who you could encourage to come with you to share Christ with people in your community? Take some time to pray about it, ask God for opportunities and see Him work in the lives of those around you.

Written by a Student Life Team Leader.

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