God is moving His people to work together

Amy Udy January 18, 2018


This is the story of how God is using my art for His glory.

One Saturday morning I went to a market  at my local beach and saw a framing company displaying lots of framed original paintings. I went inside to have a look and started chatting with the owner, Peter.

I was pleased to see some Bibles on his shelf, and when I commented on them (or: asked him about them), he wanted to give me one asked if I wanted one. I told him “I’m a Christian, and I have my own Bible”. We started chatting about NZ artists, and I mentioned that I’m also a painter. I showed him photos of my art and shared the meaning behind different pieces. He asked me how long I had been painting for, so I told him that I started oil painting about 2 years ago, and doing pastel art for about half a year. I also told him that I would love to use my art to serve God.

While I was explaining my art to Peter, he started to weep, and then to cry. He said “I have been waiting for you for a long time”. I didn’t know how to respond but I said “God is good. God is good.” He then explained to me his desire to use his shop to share God’s message to people but that he didn’t know how. He thought that if he helped artists sell their work by displaying their paintings in his shop, some of the artwork would communicate God’s message. But after not seeing any Christian art coming through, he bought a mosaic cross for himself and hung it on the shop wall. Peter had been praying that God would create opportunities him to use his shop to serve, and when it seemed like nothing was happening, he felt that God wanted him to be patient and wait for His timing.

When Peter heard my vision for my art, he said “I have been waiting for you for a long time.” And after listening to his story, I started to weep too. We were so pleased to meet each other, and to find someone with who had the same vision for God’s mission through art.

A week later, we sat down in his shop and prayed for God’s leading to serve together. I showed him the gospel sharing app, GodTools, and explained how to use it. And he downloaded it on his phone straight away!

Before I left the shop, he told me that I could use all the walls and windows at his shop to display my artwork. I was astonished by his heart for God and his generosity.

What next? I am planning to create some big paintings that presenting to the whole gospel. I have done a couple of Christmas themed paintings which are displayed in his shop now. He also asked if I could put some leaflets in his shop, so I put left a few sets of our evangelism materials on the shelf.

So ministry partners, it would be great if you could pray for this project and for His kingdom. I am excited to see God working in our daily lives. Not every Christian is a full time missionary but all Christians are full time Christians. We can all do something to share God’s message in this world!

I am thankful and encouraged!  May all the glory be to God.

Amy Udy is a digital strategist and artist working with Tandem Ministries.

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