Green light the gospel: Sharing the faith on your daily commute

Emma Nielsen August 3, 2017


Do you share your ride to work with someone? Whether you Uber or bus, it seems more and more people are commuting in company. With over 74 million trips logged in a single year on public transport in Auckland alone (that’s 16 times bigger than our total population by the way), it seems this is a trend that’s here to stay!

This isn’t just a great chance to avoid parking fees though. Sharing your commute is a great opportunity for sharing the gospel too! Those hours spent stuck in traffic are perfect for building a relationship that allows you to share Christ’s love. Sounds too good to be true? See how one Tandem staff member did it on a recent trip overseas…

    “On one of my overseas trips working with militaries through coaching and seminars, one country gave me     a driver to use during my stay. It was nice not having to sort transport through my jet lag! We started off     chatting about our careers (as you do). The next day we moved on to talking about our wives and children.     He drove me past the place that his wife worked and told me about his time in the field and how much he     missed his family. The more we chatted, the more I realised how much we had in common; his hopes for the     future of his family were my hopes, his military perspective very similar to mine.

    The next time he picked me up we were friends, freely sharing our hopes and thoughts with each other (not     just facts). By the time our final afternoon together arrived, our conversation was able to flow deeper. We     got on to the subject of faith and it turned out he was raised Catholic. He wasn’t following God, but was     open to discussion. I told him we could be sure that we would be accepted by God by admitting our     wrong-   doing and putting our trust in Jesus. We discussed the story of the thief on the cross (Luke     23:33-43) and how it clearly showed that it was too late for the thief to earn God’s love: not much time to do     good deeds while dying on a cross! All the thief could do was confess that he deserved punishment, and put     his trust in Jesus to forgive him. Astoundingly, Jesus said that was enough and told the thief he would be     with Him that day in Paradise!

    My driver really liked this story. Although he didn’t respond to it with his own confession and faith, we still     finished our time together well and hope to see each other again. I also let a Christian friend of mine in the     country know about our discussion, so they could chat about Jesus further.

See how naturally the conversations deepened? If you find it hard to bring Jesus into casual conversation, this relational approach is a great way to start. Why not offer a workmate a lift this week or take a look at riding public transport? Get evangelism (and friendship!) opportunities without having to find extra time in your busy schedule. Ask an office mate today! It’ll be more interesting than waiting in traffic alone, we promise


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