“Just what I’ve been looking for”

Elizabeth Procter April 12, 2017


“This is just what I have been looking for!” Izzy said to me as I shared the gospel with her twelve months ago. Looking back on that conversation, I’m amazed to see how much God has done in her life since.

I first met Izzy through our University outreach program at the start of 2015. She had a bright, infectious smile and a warm personality. She was interested in a free pair of jandals, and also in hearing about Jesus. As I shared the gospel with her, I could see everything was clicking into place.

Fast forward one year: Izzy and I have journeyed together through Bible studies, discipleship group training sessions and sharing her new-found faith. Now Izzy is serving as a student leader and is excited to see how God will use her to impact others. She told me “I want to give other people the same opportunity to hear about Jesus that I was given.”

Over the last four weeks, Izzy and I have been meeting with another interested student for introductory bible studies. It has been heart-warming to see Izzy sharing with contagious enthusiasm what God has done in her life. At the end of the Explore course, our new friend decided to place her trust in Jesus.

If you’d like to reach out to your friends, why not check out the explore course? It’s a great 4-part free bible study series that walks someone right through the gospel. and prompts them to consider their response.

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