SomeTime - Soularium Icebreaker

Aaron Emerson

Below is a constructive icebreaker to help prepare your Bible study, discipleship group, or team for SomeTime . It’s intended to help your group members become more familiar with their own faith journey, become more comfortable talking about it, and also to help your group bond and get to know each other.

The Soularium™ Icebreaker is meant to be a ~15 minute supplement to your group’s content and should be completed BEFORE you launch SomeTime.


Materials Required : At least one  Soularium™  deck

Planning : Estimate how many weeks it might take you to hear from 2 (or so) people each week.



What To Do

Use Soularium™ to help students reflect on their own spiritual journey.


Introduce the Questions

"In a moment, a few of you will be reflecting on and sharing your answers to four questions. Three of these questions are designed to help you tell the story of your faith journey using Soularium™ . Consider the following way of thinking about how to tell your story… Imagine your life right now as the final scene of a movie. If you were to choose three frames from this movie (known as your life) to summarize what has brought you to where you are spiritually, what three frames would you choose?"


Ask the three Soularium™ Questions:

1.    Which image represents the turning point in your life when you really began to follow Christ?

2.    Which image represents what led up to that? (What was true of your life before then?)

3.    Things are different after a turning point; which image represents a part of your life you've seen change as a result? (So what’s different?)


Ask the Non-Soularium™ Question:

4.    As you think about your spiritual journey, what Scripture has meant the most to you? Why?


Give your group time to think about these questions, select images, and recall a meaningful verse.


Invite participants to share when you think they are ready.

Each week invite two or so participants to tell their story using the Soularium™ images they chose and a passage of Scripture.



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