Waiting to Hear the Gospel

Two years ago Dana, a young woman working in a mental health service, started a bible study with her colleagues. She met weekly with her Christian colleagues to pray, read the Bible, and encourage one another.

Because the group was open to everyone in her workplace to attend, sometimes curious non-Christian colleagues came to read the Bible with them too! An agnostic visited as well a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Then Amy* started to attend after being invited by one of Dana’s colleagues.

Amy came faithfully each week, sometimes putting the Christians in the group to shame! One meeting, only Dana and Amy showed up. Dana had been hoping to have an opportunity to spend some time alone with her to share the gospel, and so she pulled up her Knowing God Personally app. They read through the gospel presentation together, and Amy prayed to know Jesus and receive God’s forgiveness! 

Since then Dana and Amy have met up to go through 4 follow up studies, and then started to read the book of John together every fortnight. 

Please pray that Amy will continue to have a hunger to know God more and come to Work Life’s Connect & Recharge retreat in October. Seeing Amy come to Jesus has been a big encouragement to Dana especially since God had so obviously been at work in Amy’s heart when Dana had been praying for someone else she was hoping to witness to!  

What opportunities do you have for evangelism in your workplace? Perhaps you could start a Bible study too, or perhaps you could set aside time to regularly pray for one or two of your colleagues. Who knows who God has waiting to hear the gospel?

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

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