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Jesus Film Mission Trips


Jesus Film Mission Trips are an exciting opportunity to inspire and equip your church members for "mission" and to see God at work on the mission field. Tandem is partnering with the Jesus Film Project to facilitate Jesus Film Mission Trips from New Zealand to strategic locations across the South Pacific Islands. We want to facilitate partnerships between churches in New Zealand and locations in the Pacific Islands. Through these Jesus Film Mission Trips, Tandem will equip your church with evangelism and discipleship training using the Jesus Film tools, and help you send teams to the Pacific Islands to put this training into practice.Through Tandem’s leadership of ministry and mission work in the South Pacific we are aware of specific mission opportunities where your church is able to minister. 

A Jesus Film Mission Trip consists of members from your church going as a team to meet a spiritual need in the receiving location. Through our experience sending students on mission trips, we know that this is a great opportunity for participants to grow in their own faith. Imagine your members trained for evangelism and discipleship and inspired as they see God use them! The trips are normally nine days in length from a Saturday to the following Sunday so require someone to take only five days off work but allow God to truly work in their own life and those they are impacting.



What's Next:

Contact us to find out more about, and receive training for a Jesus Film Mission Trip. During this two-day training, we will train you how to use the Jesus Film outreach tools in your normal home environment and equip you to lead a mission trip. Even if you are unsure how a mission trip could fit into your church's normal life, feel free to talk to us to investigate the impact of previous Jesus Film Mission Trips.

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