When the person you’re trying to share the gospel with tries to avoid you because they think you’re the police, it’s easy to give up. Luckily for Ihaka, this Student Life evangelist was just as determined to share the gospel as he was to avoid it.

Before hearing the Gospel, Ihaka felt his life had no purpose. Every day he wandered around, just ‘going through the motions’. When Ihaka walked up to the Student Life stall on AUT campus, little did he know this was about to change.

After filling in a Student Life survey, Ihaka got several calls late at night from a mystery number. Ihaka decided it was probably the police and ignored them. But luckily the Student Lifer at the other end was as persistent as Ihaka was panicked. And he definitely wasn’t the police! As soon as they met up and discussed the gospel, Ihaka felt everything fall into place. He realised how sinful he was, and how Jesus could provide the purpose and freedom his life lacked. Now he’s a lively member of the growing Student Life movement on AUT, coming along regularly to bible studies.

Praise God for the persistence of his servants! We’ve found AUT is filled with open people – the only problem is not having enough Christian students who are active in evangelism to talk to them! Please pray that God would provide more workers for this exciting mission field.

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