Student Life

We’re on the Journey:

We exist because we believe that knowing Jesus is necessary to transform a student’s life and the world around them for good.

So our invitation to students is to start the journey towards faith in Christ. We want to be known for helping students on their journey from faith discovery to multiplying disciple of Jesus.

We create attractive opportunities to connect students to Christ, train new Christians in the foundations of faith and evangelism skills, and cast vision and entrust responsibility to students to reach the world around them.

Come join us!

  • Uni is a great time to think through what you believe and why you believe it.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to join a community of leaders keen to make a difference.
  • You’ll be given opportunities to step out of your comfort zone in NZ and overseas.
  • There will be no shortage of fun at our events, small groups and conferences.

Whether you’re just checking out who God is or you’ve been a Christian for a while, we’d love to see you on campus. 

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