His Intimate Presence



You Can Know God Intimately!

Do you daily experience the glorious presence of God in a loving, intimate relationship? Or, like many Christians, do you experience frustration and despair as you struggle to live a joyful, fruitful life?

Perhaps the missing link in your spiritual walk is the presence and work of the Holy Spirit. In this book, Dr. Bill Bright will explore what the Holy Scriptures teach about the amazing presence and power of God’s Spirit. Discover the marvelous, supernatural results of drawing close to God and inviting His Holy Spirit to live through you as: Teacher, Motivator, Comforter, Peacemaker, Protector, Counselor and Intimate Friend.

In this inspirational, informative book, Dr. Bill Bright distills the essence of a lifetime of teaching and experience. Whatever your situation, these chapters will encourage you to live in greater dependence on the magnificent Holy Spirit who indwells you, and you will be eager to allow the Spirit to have grater control in your life. Practical “Life Application” sections will help you not only learn the truths of these chapters, but live them and experience an intimate relationship with God.


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