Jumping in Puddles


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DVD inspired by the life of Natasha Bray.

When Natasha Bray was drowned along with 6 others in a flash flood on the Mangetepopo River the loss was felt all over New Zealand. What she left behind was not simply memories, but rather a unique way of looking at life that is impacting people deeply.

Jumping In Puddles is a deeply moving look at who Natasha was and the part that the tragedy played in her story as told through the eyes of her parents, friends and survivor Kish Proctor; but more than that, it is an opportunity to see into the heart of a young girl who had a vision to change her community.
When life was tough; when it was time to make the best of a difficult circumstance, Natasha would ‘Jump In Puddles’.

That was her way of saying that she would take a deep breath and do it anyway. She was determined to make her life count for something – her story is inspiring others to stand and face their fears knowing that as they do things change.

The documentary, Jumping In Puddles, is a rare opportunity to experience tragedy turned into possibility. Take a moment to find out what made this 16 year old girl so different from the crowds – you never know, it might change your life too.

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