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Do you realize that God has created you for a wonderful purpose? That your life can be full and meaningful when you are tapped into that reality? It’s true! And the way to experience this is through a personal relationship with God’s son, Jesus Christ.

This booklet will help you get to know Jesus by examining his life, exploring what he offers you and explaining how you can develop a close relationship with him. It will take you step by step on a journey of discovery concerning: The Greatest Person Ever What Jesus Can Do For You Can I Trust The Bible? Tough questions, Honest Answers And don’t miss the practical, hands-on Lessons for Personal Study in the back. There is so much to discover about Jesus and this colorful little booklet is a starting point that’s clear and easy to understand. It was specially created to give you an accurate understanding of who He really is and provide you with a solid foundation for developing your loving relationship with Him. So enjoy your journey and personally experience new ways to connect to his power for your life.

2 reviews for Knowing Jesus Personally Minimag

  1. Teresa McCurran

    This magazine is great follow-up material for new Christians! I’ve enjoyed meeting up with new believers to go through the basic bible studies at the back, and been encouraged by the articles (especially Can I trust the bible and Tough Questions: Honest Answers), which were instrumental in making me confident in my faith.

  2. Mikaire

    The best follow-up tool I have ever come across!
    I used this material to ground a friend of mine who had made the decision to follow Jesus. He said it reaffirmed and explained well, the recent decision he had made and what it now meant as well as explain terrifically the foundations of being a Christian.

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