The Finishers

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Like a relay race with thousands of legs, the baton of world evangelism and discipleship has been passed from generation to generation, each one carrying forward the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ in every nation. Some generations have taken the baton a great distance, others only inches, based on their obedience to Christ’s command and reliance upon His Spirit. Yet there will be one generation who will serve as the anchor leg, the one who will carry the baton across the finish line.

1 review for The Finishers

  1. Teresa McCurran

    I found this book so helpful! It was a great encouragement to know that we can all be involved in finishing the Great Commission, whether as a pray-er, giver, equipper, or go-er.
    The book also challenged some of my ideas of calling – Who, after all, is called to finish the Great Commission but the church? We are first and foremost called to be disciples of Jesus, stewards of the gifts entrusted to us, lovers of people & God. And this regardless of our job, or the letters after our names!

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