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Check out these opportunities to serve God and be a part of helping fulfil the Great Commission in New Zealand!


When we arrived on AUT South on the first day of our week of outreach we spread out around the campus in search of two unique kinds of student: The first was someone who didn’t know God personally but wanted to know more about Jesus. The second, someone who was already following Jesus, and wanted to help other people on this campus know God too.
Our prayer was that God would go ahead of us and prepare people’s hearts before we talked to them, and He certainly did that! Here are two sub-60 second videos from Josh and Molly about what they saw God do….

Door knocking adventures!

Every year Student Life partners with a local church to survey a suburb, sharing the gospel to its residents and gaining valuable insight into the values and needs of the community. These partnerships are so helpful because those who want to hear more about Jesus, and anyone who decides to follow Christ, can be followed up by a member of a local church!
Below are a bunch of stories from students who went door-knocking during a Student Life conference. As you read through you’ll notice how encouraged these students were afterwards.

From Hopelessly Lost to Compelled to Christ

Hundreds of university students will gather at the ALL IN Conferences in Waikanae and Queenstown this July to explore worth and identity and why these can only be truly found in the one who created them. Josephine, a student from Auckland, followed her friends to the Student Life conference with no idea that she would come out a completely different person…

Lives changed and challenged at Urban Summer

With over half the population affiliating with other religions or identifying as non-religious, Auckland is a city that is thirsty for the gospel. Below is a letter from Brodie, a fifth year medical student who decided to spend a couple of weeks on our Urban Summer project to help train others share the gospel in Auckland…

One-Anothering This Christmas Season

As we approach Christmas, many of us can get wrapped up in preparing for different church productions or events. These can be helpful of course, not only for building community within the church but also to communicate to our communities the story of Jesus’ birth and its significance. But what would it look like to love another in such a way that those outside the church would see a glimpse of Jesus?

Tis the Season for Summer Mission Trips

As the weather warms up and the days get longer I can’t help but think, ‘tis the season…for summer mission trips! An almost quintessential part of being a Christian youth or young adult, summer missions are often the time and place God uses to burst people’s bubbles, open their eyes and hearts, and prepare them for a lifelong journey of mission.

One Student’s Journey to Knowing GOD through Jandals

Over the years Student Life has given out thousands of free jandals to university students all over New Zealand. In just Auckland alone, campus team leader Jeremy Carroll estimates that 16,000 pairs have been handed out in the past four years. Mikayla was one of the hundreds of students who Student Life contacted in 2017. She was a first year student, wondering why she was at university and unsure of her purpose………

Those Who have Ears to Hear

Leading one of the Explore groups at the Student Life Conference for the first time, Izzy and I were well prepared going into the week. We would soon learn that we had to scrap and modify our plans on the fly……

Five Unforgettable Days

Every year Student Life holds student conferences in the middle of the year to train students in evangelism and discipleship, and to develop them in their faith. This time is a highlight for many of the students who attend as they are challenged to trust God in new ways, and often make friendships that last a lifetime. Peter Somervell (pastor at Grace Church in Nelson) attended Student Life’s South Island conference this year as the main speaker giving messages on our identity in Christ. This is what he wrote in response to his time there …

Christian, You Can Hack Too!

You can use your unique skills and experiences to build God’s Kingdom. This is what “hacking” is all about – using our God given skills to serve Him in creative ways.

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