Just a few months ago you prayed with us for the Winter Olympics, and before that we prayed for the Summer Olympics. Now, would you join us in praying for the biggest sporting event in the world – the soccer World Cup?


Did you know that the World Cup is the most celebrated sports event in the world? Almost half the planet is expected to watch some part of the WorldCup matches in Brazil starting today through July 13!


Athletes in Action, along with a host of other ministries, have strategies in place to creatively reach out to the world during this time, with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ.


And with a minimal effort and a few minutes of prayer a day, you can be a key part of this outreach with us! Here is how:


1. Pray! Pray each day of the World Cup for:

  • The ministries going on in the Brazilian cities where the games are being played (There are “Fan Zones” set up as outreaches in all these cities – local churches have been trained and are involved – where fans can watch the games and view The Prize film through the JESUS Film App)
  • The Prize DVD to be widely distributed, widely watched and widely effective in communicating the salvation message
  • Our social media strategy through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., to effectively draw people to The Prize website to watch the free video, and to share it with friends
  • For many people around the world to hear and receive the life-saving message with open hearts
  • The Christian players on the World Cup teams to use their platform to publicly tell their personal faith stories. Pray for the chaplains working with the teams and ministering to them during the games. We will be sharing more prayer requests via social media during the games.

2. Use The Prize: Under Pressure DVD!

AIA has produced a professional, action-packed, 26-minute film called The Prize, Under Pressure, featuring current elite soccer players from around the world telling their faith stories and sharing how Jesus has impacted their lives.


The Prize: Under Pressure is available as a 35-language DVD and is streaming online free to watch at theprize.com. Share a link to the website on your social media! It is also available as a free download for your media device at app.jesusfilmmedia.org.


Here’s how easy it is:  “Today I observed that the clerk at checkout was from Africa, so I asked him if he was going to watch the World Cup, and he quickly replied, “Yes!” As we talked, I asked if I could show him a soccer video in his native language, and he was excited to see it. I handed him my phone and he watched some of The Prize on the JESUS Film Media app. I used the app to email him the full version, and we have started emailing about it for followup. You can do the same!


Even if you are not a soccer fan, The Prize is sure to be a powerful tool for you to begin spiritual conversations with soccer fans in your life. The DVD is available to purchase for $5 with quantity discounts, and there is a “buy one, get two, give one” special promotion at aiagear.com. There are also trading cards and a free, downloadable Bible study to use with the film.


3.  Engage with us on Social Media!


Our Creative Connections department is geared up to blitz social media during the World Cup with attractive and compelling stories, photos and videos of elite soccer stars telling their faith stories. We want to engage sports fans worldwide with the salvation message and to help you reach your social media world!


It’s simple for you: All you have to do is “like” and follow, share and retweet!


Start by going to and liking our AIA Facebook page and following our AIA Twitter page. Then follow the page for our World Cup DVD, The Prize: Under Pressure, on Facebook and Twitter (@ThePrizeFilm). Share ThePrize.com link on your social media. Help us go viral with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to the sports-crazed world!



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