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Marvel's Avengers and the Holy Spirit

As our culture is ever changing and now more media saturated than ever, here is a great and fun way to explain the Spirit-Filled Life and equip other Christians. Use Marvel's latest Avengers movie as a conversation starter and bridge to explain just how powerless we are to live in Christ unless we are connected to our power source: the Holy Spirit.

Whether it's with your small group Bible study or a natural conversation with another believer about the Avengers movie, use the following Iron Man example to illustrate the Sprit-Filled Life.

Let's make the most of every moment to share these unchanging transferable truths.

Iron Man is a phenomenal illustration of the Spirit-Filled Life. Here he is with this incredible iron suit like no one else has. It is unmatched.

But here's the question: can anyone just put that suit on and become Iron Man? The answer is of course “no”. Why not? It's because the suit has to have the power source that comes from his chest.

Without the power source he would fall out of the sky.

It was the combination of the suit and the power source that enabled him to be Iron Man.

Here's the similarity with the Christian life:

We are told in Romans 13 to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and live a life compassion, kindness, and be forgiving and loving to other people.

To do this on our own is impossible. We can't just get up in the morning and say I'm going to try to be kinder and more loving to people. It doesn't work. That's like putting on the suit with no power. It will make our life miserable. Christianity then becomes a legalistic religion.

The only way we can be like Jesus Christ is living it in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I ask Jesus to make me like Him but then I live by the the Holy Spirit's enabling power that God has put inside of us. That's why, like Iron Man, we need both the suit and the power source. That's the supernatural life!

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