Finishing study? So What's Next?

Work Life partners with Student Life to send student leaders to become young professionals who will reach their world for Christ.

How do I go from being a full-time student on campus to an employee in an office? How can I share the gospel in the workplace? And how should I think about money, or all the spare time I’ll have once I’m not doing assignments? 

These were all questions I had to think through when I was finishing up my degree. The transition seemed so complete and far-reaching that l didn’t know where to start.

To the rescue came Work Life, with their Grad Transition Workshops! Run both online and in person, the Grad Transition Workshop provides a setting where graduating students can think through  the changes they’ll experience, and how to walk well with God as they leave  university. Over a number of weeks participants process together several topics, allowing them to take action steps. Each session is facilitated by working professionals, who give their real life experience and insights into the transitions. 

As well as the Transition Workshops, Work Life partners with Student Life to run an in depth and practical training known as the Level 4  during Student Life’s week-long mid-year conference. 

Having both the Level 4 training and the Transition Workshops gives graduating students in the movement the opportunity to take two bites of the same apple, to plan ahead and to start to carry out their transition plans.

“Great learning how to apply what I’ve learnt in my time in student life to the workplace. Also helped me to be reassured that secular work is also for glorifying God” - North Island conference attendee

Students at the South Island conference particularly liked the use of real life examples, advice about incorporating Christian worldview with everyday life, and getting good advice about sharing the gospel off campus.

Are you finishing up your studies soon? Why not find someone who has recently started working  to mentor you through your transition? Maybe consider joining Work Life’s Mentoring initiative.

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