Feeling God’s Pleasure

Peter Sommerville

This article is abridged from one that first appeared on Peter Somervell’s blog on July 8, 2022.



This past week I had the joy of being part of the Student Life National Conference. There were over 300 students from the various University campuses around the country. Each day began with worship and the Word and then students had the opportunity to attend numerous training workshops and seminars. In the evening, there was always a surprise – sometimes serious and sometimes a bit of fun.







Amidst this, there were 35 “explorers” who were part of the conference. These were individuals who have shown an interest in Christianity and were invited along to learn more. No pressure was put on anyone at any time. The gospel was presented in a clear and accurate way so that each individual could come to an informed decision on whether to follow Jesus or not. By the end of the conference, four of these individuals had come to faith.


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