What is the future of your church?

Howard Webb July 20, 2030



For those of us actively engaged in church, there is plenty to keep us busy. We seldom find the time to stop and reflect on really big questions like:

Why do we do church this way?

What are the deepest needs of our people?

What is our purpose as the church and are we being effective?

While the pandemic has been disruptive for the church, it has had a silver lining. Our time in lockdown pushed the pause button on church as usual, and gave us all greater clarity about the aspects of church life that we were really missing – and the bits that we were not. We all discovered afresh that the heart of church is relationship; with God, with each other and with outsiders.

While our time of reflection is still fresh, and before we simply slide back into our familiar patterns and routines, this would be an excellent time to engage your congregation in a conversation about the future your church dreams of.

Love Your Neighbour has developed a church series called ‘Redemptive Family’ which casts a vision for how relational church can change the world. Over six Sundays, and supported by a personal devotional booklet, surveys and small group studies, your church will have the opportunity to rediscover itself as a family on a mission together, called to make a difference in the place where God has planted you.

We recommend that you conclude the series by inviting us to facilitate a weekend workshop for your whole church that uses the principles of Appreciative Inquiry to discover and design the practical next step your church wants to take to grow towards its refreshed vision of the future.

Here is what others have said after experiencing the church series and workshop:

"The process was clear and very safe. I am excited by the prospects and the energy created."

"Just loved the design of the workshop and how it creatively brought us all together."

"I have such hope for the future! I can't wait to get started on what we decided together."

You can learn more about the Redemptive Family church series and the resources we offer by clicking here. Then drop us a line – we would love to hear from you!

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