Thinking about divorce? Wait till you’ve tried this

Andy Bray and Emma Neilson May 8, 2017


After 30 years of marriage, Pete and Sally were starting to drift apart. They’d worked hard together, raised kids together, but now they were living separate lives and seriously thinking about divorce.  Concerned relatives suggested that they try the Weekend to Remember®  marriage retreat first (and even shouted them tickets to make them go!)

Pete and Sally arrived on Friday evening distant, angry, and hostile. They didn’t want to be there – and after seeing “The Master Plan” for marriage in their manual (a Christian resource about God’s plans for marriage) they were even more reluctant!  Nonetheless, Pete and Sally still attended all the sessions and worked through all the projects together, softening and warming to each other as the weekend progressed. If you talked to them on the Sunday, you’d never believe they were the same couple!

Soon after the conference, Pete texted the family members who sent them along to the event: “The weekend has changed everything for me! I learned so much! Everyone should have the opportunity to go to this conference and I hope that I can send someone along one day – wow! This truly has been awesome.”

If you or a friend are going through a tough time in your marriage, why not check out the next Weekend to Remember? With a range of locations around New Zealand, something’s bound to suit. Click here for more event details.

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