Five ways you can reach out this Easter

March 27, 2020


– First published on the Cru website, and adapted with permission.

This time of year offers something even better than jelly beans nestled in faux grass — namely, fantastic opportunities by the basketful to bring up the gospel.

Don’t be fooled: it takes planning on your part to make the most of the season’s opportunities. This year Easter is Sunday, 12th April.


Consider these creative ways to help people see Christ this Easter:

Eggs, Chocolates and Baskets 

Gifts can be a great way of passing on the Easter message. Either order online, or wash your hands thoroughly each time before you handle the gift, and leave it on their doorstep. Then give them a text or call so they know you’ve left them something special.

– Scavenger Hunts
FamilyLife created Resurrection Eggs®, which are plastic eggs whose contents retell the gospel story.

Have a hunt with your kids, then sanitise everything and pass them on to your neighbours – or order them their own pack! You can download a free activity planning book here.

– Baskets for Friends 
Remember the thrill of getting special Easter goodies as a kid? Create a basket or box for a non-Christian friend, but in addition to the usual marshmallow eggs add a book or DVD that focuses on the first Easter. Consider My Last Day, a short animated film about the Easter story.

– Gifts for Neighbours or Co-workers
Easter gifts don’t have to be expensive. Put a few lollies in “A Gift for You” door hanger bag for each door in your neighbourhood, and then add your church’s information, ministry brochure or an evangelistic booklet like Knowing God Personally.

Put it in Writing

Share an article about Easter with your friends on your social media or by email. We’re all on social media a wee bit more than normal at the moment, so it’s all go! The GotQuestions website has a bunch of great articles.

Person-to-Person Invitations

– Share a video 
Many people are open to talking about their beliefs during Easter, so invite everyone you know to watch an Easter video. Also consider inviting them to watch your church’s live stream on Easter. Engage them in conversation afterward. Ask questions like:

» “Did your family have any religious traditions during the holidays?”
» “Where do you see yourself on your spiritual journey?” and
» “Would you like to know God personally?”

– Invite People to a virtual “Easter Dinner”
Invite non-Christians to join you by video call for your Easter dinner. Ask God to give you the opportunity to discuss the true meaning of Easter.


Read Benjamin’s Box. This children’s picture book follows a fictional boy named Benjamin who collected items during the life of Christ that offer an explanation of our need for Him. Build your own box, stocked with small symbolic items like Benjamin’s, so the kids can hold it. 


– Virtual ‘Prayer on the Porch’
Show your neighbours that you care by offering to pray for them. Drop a letter in their letterbox or send them a message and ask them to let you know three things that they would like prayer for.

Happy Easter!

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