On campus in South East Asia, the ground is hard for the gospel. Entrenched in cultural Islam, many local students could face persecution if they become Christians. Over summer, a small team of students from our campus movements went there for three weeks with a mission: share the gospel and strengthen local Christians.

2019 was our first year sending students to South East Asia, and it was a pioneering project on many fronts: the language was different; the local movement was small and in need of resources; the local students were understandably wary of challenges to their religion.

Our team’s conversations were very relational, building rapport with their new friends, and only talking about spiritual things with permission. The Perspective cards app was very useful for initiating spiritual conversations in a non-threatening way.



Here are some stories from our team:

“I want to share about when I met two Christian girls one afternoon. Jacinda and I went out to share the gospel together, yet not many people wanted to talk to us. Eventually we found two girls named Niike and Putri. We found out they are Christian, yet it became clear they were very unsure of their salvation, and where they would go once they die. This gave us the opportunity to share how we can be completely certain of our salvation if we believe in Christ Jesus.

Jacinda opened up 1 John 5:11-13. The girls read it in their language so they were able to better understand the passage. The look on their faces when they saw how clear it is in the Word that they can be assured of their salvation was one of the best things I ever witnessed. There was such a great joy and peace that came over them, which I hope has lifted a lot of burden and pressure from them. We weren’t able to talk long to these girls, but having this opportunity to encourage them was such a blessing.” – Brooke

“The SEA project is over. It’s been a mix of emotions – sadness and joy in the same time. It has been a glorious journey with our amazing God. My personal highlights have been the opportunity to provide and translate four explore studies into their local language!
Also, I got a chance to visit an underground church that is very passionate about evangelism. There, I met a big family that used to be a very devoted muslim [sic]; they used to be the leader and own a muslim school. 

Now, they’ve become Christian, sharing the gospel to their region, even though some of their family members went to jail for this. And they are willing to follow up our work!! How great our God is!” – Christy

“Ryanni came from a Christian family but she had decided to personally accept Christ into her life earlier this year. At that moment, she felt as if Jesus had hugged her and because of that she wanted everyone around her to be hugged by Jesus as well.
Although she would try to share the gospel with her friends, they would reject her and tell her to stop talking about her faith to them. At first, she was really sad, but it made her even more eager to keep sharing and talking about how Jesus had saved her and loved her.

I was able to meet her again and ask her if she had shared on campus before. To my surprise, she said that she did and that she also goes over to a Muslim university and shares the gospel on that campus as well. Even though she would go by herself, she sees how important it is for students on this campus to come to know Jesus. I was so encouraged by this as not only does she go sharing by herself on a different campus but it just really shows how much love she has for God and those of a different religion. Her story really encourages me in wanting to share my faith to my friends, family and those on my campus as well” – Mikayla



Praise God that the team were able to encourage and train the local movement, and even see two new believers get connected! Praise God for the incredible number of times our students shared part or all of the gospel, especially considering the spiritual environment there!

Where are you finding it tough to share your faith? I’m really challenged hearing these stories, that our God can save even hardened people close to me… and may even use me if I speak up! Why not grab a pack of Perspective cards, and use them to open up a spiritual conversation with someone in your life?

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