Could God love someone like me?

Emma and Mikaire May 29, 2017


I first met my friend Sean on a Work Life Retreat late last year. He seemed to enjoy himself, and when I asked if he’d like to join a bible study group he was keen. As the group met over the next few months, I noticed Sean at times seemed unsure about the content we were discussing. I asked him if he wanted to catch up to talk about spiritual stuff, and he was keen! As we talked, I gradually realised that he’d never made the decision to follow Christ. Sean told me he believed in Jesus and wanted to know more – but couldn’t follow him because he was unworthy of his love.  


Imagine his joy when he found out his unworthiness didn’t keep God away! I walked him through the scriptures and showed him that God knows we’re sinners, but he loves us so much that He sent Jesus to take the punishment for us! When I challenged Sean to surrender his life to God, he said yes then and there. Praying together was something I’ll never forget. What a privilege to guide someone to the best decision of their life!


Since he was saved, I’ve been greatly encouraged and humbled by what the Holy Spirit is doing in Sean’s life. He recently finished a 4-week bible study with me which has given him a greater understanding of his relationship with Christ. I’ve seen the Bible really come alive for him, and it’s nowhere near as confusing to him as when he first read it!


Sean said the bible studies have been one of the most useful tools in growing in his walk with God. In fact, Sean’s still asking: “give me more!”. Do you know any new believers who might benefit from discipleship, or are you keen for some yourself? Find the free bible study Mikaire used here, or get in touch with Work Life for discipleship in your workplace.

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