“Now I know how to live the Christian life”

Cameron McKenzie September 21, 2017


What does it mean to “keep in step with the Spirit” (Gal. 5:25b)? The Spirit’s work in us is so vital to keep our relationship with Jesus growing, as well as helping us spread the good news about Him – but what should we do to make it happen? This was a question Student Life staff down in Otago were facing a lot, so at the start of this semester, the whole team came together to research and write a booklet to help. Although it hasn’t been published yet, God’s already been using the manuscript in exciting ways! Grace and Cam tell us more:

    At the beginning of Semester I (Cam) met up with Sikana (above right), an international student from Tonga,     to go through the spirit-filled life material we had developed. Sikana is new to Student Life this semester     but rooms with Funaki (above left) who has been involved since the start of the year. One thing I noticed     from the start is how genuine both these guys are, and how much they desire to grow in their faith. It’s been     a breath of fresh air doing life with these lads! I’ll never forget the moment when Sikana heard that the     Christian life was never intended to be lived in our own effort or strength, but through the power of God’s     Spirit when we surrender to him. Sikana immediately exclaimed, “Now I know how to live the Christian life!”

    Since then Sikana and I have met weekly to talk further about these things and to share our faith on     campus. Two weeks ago I chatted to Sikana and Funaki about fasting and how it causes us to really depend     on the Lord and seek him in particular areas. During Action Group yesterday they shared how they’d fasted     on Tuesday, praying when they were hungry and trusting the Lord to help them in their pursuit of purity. I’m     just amazed at how God is growing these guys and the passion they’re beginning to have for other students     from the Pacific Islands to experience the Spirit-filled life.  

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