Take a step of faith this Easter

April 17, 2019


Easter is here and Christians around the world will be celebrating Christ’s victory and unconditional love for us.  How can you let your friends, coworkers, teammates and loved ones know just how much they mean to you?

Why not change it up and make this a memorable time by trying out these 5 easy ways below to connect those important relationships you have with the true story of Easter.

1. Invite Others to Join You at your Church Service

This may be simple but often, Easter is the only church service that many people will consider attending during the year.  Look ahead to the dates and times of your church service and invite others well ahead of time. Consider inviting them in person or by phone to make it more personal.   If possible, invite them to a meal at your house to follow the service. Nothing speaks love like a homemade meal and getting to know someone better in your home.

2. Invite International Students

Consider contacting your local Student Life campus team to see if you can host any students for the day, especially international students or students who live far from home.  Just email contact@studentlife.org.nz and ask if they have international students that would love to be hosted for a meal.

3. Hospitality and Kindness

Some people will not want to attend a church for various reasons so you may need to think of other ways to show kindness around the Easter season and wish them a Happy Easter.  Is there anyone in your neighbourhood that needs a lawn cut, gardening done, a meal taken to them or a special something done for them that would speak love to them? Home baking or nice store-bought items wrapped in Easter colours are always a welcome gift with a personal card to say that you care.  Maybe you can even share a special verse with them and what it means to you in the card.

Think about giving a card and small gift to people in your life such as doctors, teachers, receptionists, dentists and others that you interact with.  They may not know that you are a Christian – this may help them identify the reason that you are different and unique in a positive way!

4. Children’s Events

Consider gathering children you know in your extended family or from your community to have a Resurrection Easter Egg Hunt.  Resurrection eggs can be scattered with real chocolate eggs for a hunt. After the hunt, you can pull the children together and go through the resurrection eggs to tell the Easter story.  Some Mainly Music groups have done this as well as other groups. Maybe this could even be done after school at a Primary School or in a local park close to school. Be creative and think about the children around you who would enjoy doing something unique together to learn about the reason for the season.

    Resurrection Eggs can be purchased online at Familylife.org.nz https://www.familylifeshop.org.nz/product/resurrection-eggs/21/

Another option is to buy a small Easter gift for children you know and write an Easter card with the gift.

5. Using Media to share

This can be a time to share meaningfully what Easter means to you on social media in a way that friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances can read from a distance.  Often, people don’t know the reasons that you consider yourself a Christian and this is an opportunity to help people to understand how special your faith is to you. Think about being concise, interesting, yet share authentic reasons why you are grateful for Jesus in your life and the meaning of Easter to you personally.  You can add links in or suggestions for people to learn more. The Jesus Film project has a couple of new films which you can include links to your social media post. https://www.jesusfilm.org/watch/anticipate-the-resurrection.html/english.html


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