Who knew jandals could change lives?

Deborah Yoon February 1, 2019


Walking through a university campus in the first couple of weeks of semester is hectic. Most of us will have seen a version of it in a movie or TV show, or perhaps have experienced it personally; a scene of hundreds of students walking by stalls of more people, who try to entice new (and old) students to join them with freebies and displays of what their club is all about. As if students were not lost enough already.


At first glance, with their eager smiles and free jandals (in exchange for a two minute survey), Student Life may look like yet another one of these clubs. However, Student Life’s mission is not merely to see more members join their university club. It’s to see more souls join God’s kingdom. It’s to turn lost students into Christ-centred labourers through their movements on campus.


Cam and Gracie, Student Life staff on the Otago University campus, share Justine’s story because it “epitomise[s] why we do what we do…”

    “Justine was on a mission to pick up her student ID when we offered her a free pair of jandals. Two minutes     later, she’d filled out the survey and was on her merry way. A week later, I called her and she agreed to catch     up on campus the next day to go through the Student Life magazine together. I vividly remember the day I     met her, partly because it was the first day our staff team began fasting Tuesdays so I was proper hungry by     the time we sat down! God was clearly at work in her life and hasn’t stopped since, because that day     Justine chose to trust Jesus with her life and she’s been faithfully following Him since then, welcoming     discipleship, getting plugged into a local church, and learning how to share her faith (even heading to     Nelson on a summer beach mission project!). Praise God for His redeeming work in Justine, and how He’s     using her story to encourage His people to get out of their comfort zones for the sake of lads and lasses in     the same boat as she was a year ago!”

Isn’t it amazing? In the chaos of “Freshers’ Week” and orientation to university life, God is using faithful people, a simple survey, and pairs of jandals to lead the lost into gospel conversations, changing their lives inside out!

Just this past week at the University of Auckland campus, over 3500 pairs of jandals have been given out to students who filled out a survey asking whether they’re interested to hear more about Jesus. That’s just one of six campuses across the country, in only one week!

Please pray for this upcoming week as Student Life staff and students continue to give out jandals and seek to share the gospel with many students.

However, it’s not just students at the beginning of a semester who are lost. We have people in our lives such as family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours, who desperately need to hear the good news of Jesus. Your work mate might not want a pair of free Jandals, but they still may be as excited as Justine about Jesus! Why not share one of these free gospel videos here to kick a conversation off?

If you’d love to join the Student Life movement, or know someone who would, click here to find out more.


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