Witnessing in the workplace

Emma Nielsen April 13, 2017


It’s easy to focus on doing our job and forget about the spiritual harvest in the workplace. After going to a Work Life training event, one woman found her prayers to evangelise to her colleagues answered much sooner than she anticipated…

“When I started work two years ago, I earnestly believed that my workplace was a place of service where God wanted to use me. I invested time in building good relationships with my work colleagues, especially with the other female engineers. Over time, it was easy to fall into a routine and lose sight of how God could use me. The training helped refuel my passion to be an active witness at work. It also provided me with some skills and perspectives about engaging in conversation about Jesus Christ.

The training included writing the story of my journey of faith in Christ so I could tell it in under 3 minutes. The next week I was running with the girls from work. As we caught up on life I told them about attending Work Life,  and talked about how I wanted to develop my ‘life story’. I wanted it to show how Jesus is a significant part of my life, and share that in a way that is not strange or scary. They responded with “Well what would you say? What do you have so far?”. What an opening! I dived right in.

It was incredible to be invited to talk about Jesus and the difference He has made in my life. I will continue to pray for these ladies and trust that God will use my story as a springboard to deeper conversations about how they too can know Jesus.”


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