The Movement: Jump-starting student evangelism in Perth

Emma Nielsen October 17, 2017


If you’ve ever come across Student Life before on Campus, you’ll know they’re a well oiled machine. Every year they give out thousands of surveys and make thousands of calls to see if people are keen to hear about Christ. The Australian equivalent of Student Life was just getting started on a campus in Perth, and students were keen for help to get started evangelising, and so a group of leaders from Auckland popped across the ditch to give them a hand for Orientation Week.

The students found the same hunger in Australia as in Auckland: the group made 1000 contacts, and found over 500 of them wanted to chat about starting a journey with Jesus Christ!! God was truly at work, as one of the Kiwi leaders found out…

    ‘On the first night of calling, I called a guy named Miguel, who was keen to meet up. I wasn’t familiar with     the University, so I asked if we could meet by the giant chess board, an easy enough landmark. He was     keen, and kept texting me running up to the time of the appointment. He said he was running a bit late,     which was fine.

    As one of the Perth students and I waited for Miguel, a guy was approaching the chess board. I wasn’t sure if     this was Miguel or not! So I went over and said hi, and asked him are you Miguel? The guy said “yup yup” so     we thought okay great! We found somewhere to sit and started talking through Student Life’s magazine,     covering Jesus, God, and studying successfully. The guy seemed attentive??

    “At the back of the book, we have some pages on how to know God personally” I said, almost at the end of     our chat when another guy walked up…

    “Are you Ming?” Oh boy. “Miguel?” I asked him. The first guy was very confused. “Is this some kind of     codeword or?”

    Then I said “What? Aren’t you Miguel?”

    The first guy THEN said “Oh, no. I’m Sam!”

    Man that was crazy! Turns out no one else had an appointment with a Sam either… Unfortunately he left     before we could continue our gospel conversation, but at least we got a chance to sow some seeds! We then     got to share the gospel with the actual Miguel, who grew up in a strongly Catholic household. After listening,     his heart was convicted and he asked Jesus for forgiveness!!’

Whether God uses us to harvest, or just start the planting, it’s amazing the opportunities waiting right outside our doorsteps, if only we’re available for them. Who could you have a spiritual conversation with this week? Why not take a moment to pray for opportunities?

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