Finding marriage success: The missing link for Palmerston North couple

Andy Bray August 10, 2017


My toastmasters’ club calls me their friendly ‘preacher-boy’. Every two weeks or so when we meet, I use my speech as a chance to practice sharing my faith, or let others know about upcoming events at FamilyLife.

Many club members have tried out our events, and when I shared about an upcoming Weekend to Remember marriage course, one of the new members perked up. She was engaged to a young man and wanted to make the best start to marriage that she could. That very weekend she dragged her (very unwilling) fiancé along. It was fantastic to have them, but I was wondering how they’d find it all…

I left them alone until Saturday afternoon when I had a chance to talk to the husband to be.

    “I didn’t want to come to this thing” He said flatly. “I was very reluctant, but Sarah wanted to come so much     that I had no choice. I’m so glad I came, wow! I’m envious …  I want to talk to you tomorrow.”

He sat in the front row during the husband session and caught me afterwards to ask for the names of other Christian men to connect with in his hometown so he could continue to grow and be encouraged/inspired. His fiancée enjoyed it too.

Despite their appreciation of God’s wisdom however, neither were ready to think about a relationship with Him just yet. We saw them again at our Day Together event the next year, and rejoiced to find that had started to change! We spent an hour catching up with them, hearing how their marriage and family life were going well but they knew something was missing. They’d ignored the spiritual side of their life and were hungry for change.

They were now ready for the next step. We went through an explanation of the gospel,, they bought a FamilyLife Bible and we connected them to a couple who could disciple them in New Plymouth.

Sometimes, it takes seeing the difference of a Christian life to understand how wonderful following Christ is. The next time your non-Christian friend is facing challenges, why not offer some advice grounded in Christian wisdom? After all, we are told to “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8).

With the next Weekend to Remember coming up in September, why not encourage your friends to check it out? No matter what they believe, there’s help for all couples. Visit the FamilyLife website to secure a place today.

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