From backpacking to the journey of life – What God can do with random encounters

Emma Nielsen June 17, 2017


With God at the helm, it’s incredible to see the opportunities he provides. Lauren found this out on a recent Student Life summer mission project to Nelson, where she met Belgian backpacker Pierre-Loic:

“Our conversation started completely by accident. Peter and I almost walked right past Pierre-Loic when I took a leap of faith and commented on how heavy his backpack looked. We spent the next hour at a park bench talking about his beliefs and then ours, and he had a lot of questions about what we believe. We explained the gospel to him and he was very interested in discussing and looking into Christianity more. He even thought that one day he could accept Christ into his life.

Peter and I were stunned! We had never gotten so far before and we were both nervous. Unfortunately Peter and I ran out of time, but I am now in contact with Pierre-Loic online and will continue to reach out to him. I would really appreciate prayer for him to know that God is pursuing him.

I have always had a fear of sharing my faith with those around me, fearing rejection, apathy or confrontation. But we have witnessed God’s good love, and it is amazing! And He loves everyone, so why would we not want to share it with everyone we meet? Our salvation is the best news ever — there should be no way we can comfortably keep that to ourselves.”

As the Nelson Beach Project students spoke to the people around them, time and again they saw God reward them with courage and opportunities they’d never expected.

Want to learn how to have conversations like this? Check out Doug Pollock’s masterful book God Space, or find a tract that suits you.

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