“Fizzing” for God’s kingdom: Izzy’s journey from new Christian to Student Life intern

Tandem May 31, 2018


Izzy was first introduced to Student Life through the University of Otago’s campus outreach in 2015. Lizzy, a Student Life staff member, shared Izzy’s story two years ago in Tandem’s Annual Report.

    “[Izzy] had a bright, infectious smile and a warm personality. She was interested in a free pair of jandals,     and also Jesus. As I shared the gospel with her, I could see everything was clicking into place.”

Since their first meeting, Lizzy and Izzy journeyed through Bible studies, discipleship training sessions and sharing her new-found faith. A year later, Izzy started serving as a student leader, excited to see how God would use her to impact others. Together with Lizzy, she met with another interested student to do introductory Bible studies together. Lizzy shared, “It was heart-warming to see Izzy sharing with contagious enthusiasm what God had done in her own life only twelve months before. At the end of the Explore course, our new friend decided to place her trust in Jesus.”

Fast forward to 2018, Izzy is still excited about God’s Kingdom and is currently building a ministry team to join Student Life as an intern.

    “A lot of my motivation to join Student Life as an intern was from my own personal journey of coming to     faith. From experiencing someone stepping out in faith and sharing the gospel with me, to going through     the motions of being a new Christian, to being discipled and then discipling others myself, to becoming a     leader and going on summer mission trips, it suddenly became a pretty attractive opportunity to be able to     give all my working time during the week to guide other students and come alongside them on their own     spiritual journey. I also believe God was really pressing on my heart that this was just one of the unique     ways to help fulfill the Great Commission too.”

One of the most significant turning points in Izzy’s faith was her first Student Life conference.

    “I went to conference in my first year (and have been every year since!), and they have been such a game     changer in my faith. I’ve learnt so much at every conference I’ve been too, as well as forming some pretty     solid friendships. The fellowship is amazing and the teaching is fantastic.”

Izzy’s enthusiasm and positivity continued when asked about challenges she has faced, both as a full-time ministry worker and as a Christian.

    “The most encouraging and challenging thing simultaneously [that] I’ve encountered, both working in full     time ministry and being a Christian in general, are my parents. They are both not-yet Christians, so opening     up to them about becoming a Christian in the first place was hard. I’m pretty sure they were convinced I was     part of a cult (haha). But over time it has been awesome to see them become more supportive, especially     when I decided to do an internship for 2018. I was super nervous to tell them (especially about the support     raising part), but they understood it was what I wanted to do and they have been great in encouraging me     in everything.”

When shown the story about her initial journey in Tandem’s 2016 Annual Report, Izzy’s response was full of motivation and passion.

    “I hadn’t read the story since I first read it in 2016, but it was so cool reading it again! It gets me really     excited and joyful that there are other Izzys on campus at the moment that God has prepared for us to     reach. I am fizzing to get onto campus and to start furthering God’s kingdom.”

Isn’t it so encouraging to hear how God has been working in and through Izzy? Let’s praise Him for Izzy and the many others who have come to know Him through Student Life, praying that He would continue to raise labourers to make disciples of all nations.

Student Life’s annual conference is coming up – a life-changing week full of God’s Word, training in evangelism, and loads of fun! Wherever you’re at in your faith journey, this is the place to be.

If you’d love to join the Student Life movement, or know someone who would, click here to find out more.

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