Big crowds turned out for…evangelism training?

Howard Webb April 5, 2017


We knew we’d found a real need when the queue for our evangelism training tour couldn’t fit inside the building! ‘God Space’ author Doug Pollock showed how noticing, serving, listening and asking ‘wondering’ questions can help find out what bit of your God story they need the most right now.

Doug’s message really resonated with Kiwi Christians. Our media-driven culture is increasingly hostile towards Christianity and many are anxious about sharing their faith in natural, authentic ways.

Here is what some of the 2000+ who came out to Love Your Neighbour‘s God Space Tour had to say when we asked them for feedback a month later:

    “I like how much more relaxed I feel about evangelism. I am open to discussions rather than debates with     not-yet-Christians and I like the freedom that brings. However, I still find it hard to remain uncritical and     open-minded – this will take lots of practice!”

     “You have blessed us with such a great resource, and such a simple yet radical approach for building the     Kingdom is so useful! I am trying to listen better and make space for God-centred conversation.”

     “It was great! I have been sharing what I learned everywhere I go! I am learning to be a better observer and     listener when encountering people. I am taking time to really listen and let the person know I care and am     listening carefully. I am being bold to ask: “I was wondering why you feel that way?” when a response is     unexpected and being bold enough to ask permission to tell my story when it is appropriate to do so.”

God Space is $25 on the Tandem store. Why not see how it can help your evangelism life today?


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