Chance? Not in God’s hands

Emma Nielsen October 26, 2017


When Henry and his friend realised they were dropped off in the wrong place, it would’ve been easy to get frustrated and go track down the nearest Uber. Luckily for Henry & his friend, God had other plans in mind…

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how in-control God is.  Henry and his friend were heading out to witness on a Student Life trip when they realised they’d been dropped off in the wrong place. As they waited for their ride to come back, they decided to go sharing and make the most of the wait.

It soon became clear that this “wrong place” was exactly where they needed to be. Henry and his mate bumped into a young German tourist named Markus. As they talked, Markus proved far more interested in the gospel than getting to the New Year’s festivities. He asked questions long into the night & read through the Knowing God Personally tract with the Student Lifers. He finally felt so convicted that he gave his life to Christ then and there!  

    ‘It was amazing to see how God could use our mistake for His glory and how His timing is always perfect’     Henry said. Amen to that!

That wasn’t the only coincidence God’s used for good lately. A team of Student Life staff headed over to Africa for a global conference with missionaries from 100 different countries. Naturally, staff couldn’t resist a visit or two to the local campuses in Nairobi, and one of them brought back a particularly exciting story…

    ‘A highlight for me was meeting Olive outside a student dormitory. As we chatted, she told me that she felt     sure that she would not go to heaven because she had drifted away from the Christian faith she was raised     with. She realised she needed that connection with God, but felt her efforts weren’t having any effect.

    I had the opportunity and the privilege to explain the gospel to her, and help her to understand that a     relationship with God is based on what Jesus has done for us, not on what we do for him. She invited Jesus     to come into her life, forgive her, and give her a relationship with him, right on the side of the road.     Fortunately, there was already a Student Life movement on her local campus to connect her with before I     left. Afterwards Olive said to me “I know that God had arranged for us to meet today, because it was an     answer to my prayer!”’

Whether you’re in New Zealand or Nairobi, opportunities to share the love of Jesus are everywhere! Why not go out with a friend this week and pray that the Lord would guide you too? If you need some tracts, check out the resources in our store! We have a great range of English and Chinese language tracts (and a great app called GodTools which has tracts in over 50 languages!) Get it for free at our store now.


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