Closed off or curious?

Joshua Taylor May 4, 2017


Student Life leader Joshua shares from his experience on campus sharing the gospel with students …

Skeptics are often more interested in the gospel than they appear… When I first met Tim last year in outreach, he told me straight away that he didn’t believe in God. He was still keen to do some bible studies with me though.

Week after week, Tim kept coming back for more. I had no idea why! Was it just curiosity? Eventually I asked him and was stunned when he replied: “Mate I’m more than just curious! I would say I believe, I’m just working out what it means to follow Jesus.”

This year Tim came to an event where one of our student leaders shared their testimony, and texted me asking to meet up afterwards. Later that night, Tim told me that being at that event was like being in the light. Now, for the first time, he saw his life was in darkness. He wanted to follow Jesus and live in that light – could I help? Could I ever. One of the highlights of my year right there!

As I disciple Tim there are still plenty of ups and downs. He still has lots of questions to explore and finds it hard to navigate living a Christian life in the intensely non-Christian environment he’s in. No matter what challenge he faces it’s a real joy to walk with him.

Many people don’t seem to jump at the gospel when they first hear it, just like Tim. Persistence pays off though! Which unlikely friend could you share the gospel with this week? Check out the free study that Joshua used here and let us know how it went in the comments below.

Emma Neilson and Joshua Taylor.


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