Disaster? More like divine intervention…

Emma Nielsen June 13, 2017


FamilyLife staff were flat out preparing for the eighty people about to descend on their retreat: but God decided there was still one person missing. Staff were setting out the welcome rose for each couple when they noticed a major problem. None of the flowers had water sachets attached to keep them fresh. “I know where we can get some!” a volunteer said, and phoned local florist Angela.  Little did they know that one of Angela’s friends had dropped a brochure for the retreat in her mailbox, and she couldn’t get the event off her mind.

When we called her up about the water sachets, she said “Sure! I’d also really like to help over the weekend if I can.” Two days was all it took. As Angela volunteered throughout the weekend, hearing about God’s love through the speakers moved her deeply. By Sunday morning she came in with an enormous smile on her face and said “I’m ready to make a decision.” Angela gave her life to Christ, and emailed the team a week later to say God had given her a deep hunger for His word. She was sharing the joy with her family too, signing up for a bible study course with her daughter, and taking her husband along to a Winter Bible School.

A couple of months later we received this letter from her:

    “Hi guys, haven’t forgotten about you all – in fact I still think of you often. I am reading Andy’s book and am     finding it a great inspiration […] I visit the FamilyLife site often and am thinking of running some groups in     the future.

You will be pleased to know that my husband Chris and I got baptised in the weekend and are studying and walking with Christ.”

Sounds like something you or a friend would be interested in? A Day Together retreats are perfect for Christians and non-Christians alike. Whether you’ve been married for decades or just got engaged, you’re invited to come and spend time growing your relationship under the expert guidance of our FamilyLife team. Our next event is in Manukau, September 2nd. Click here to find out more, or get free flyers to invite friends of your own before places run out!

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